“In the one year experience with other agents, we had one so-called offer (it was a little iffy at that.) Star put a plan together and suddenly things were happening.

We started getting offers, and the house is sold. We were really satisfied with the outcome. We had kind of figured out what our bottom line needed to be and were really excited that we came above our bottom line.

We were out-of-town sellers. Our daughter lived in the home when she was going to school. When the prior agents couldn’t sell the house, it was hard for a year to make those mortgage payments with other kids in college.

If you want your home sold quickly, you need to talk to Star. She has some great ideas on how to sell homes quickly.”

– Seller #1



“Please forgive me for taking so long to write this letter to you and your agency. As I’m sure you can understand, moving a household and a business is quite the task. The reason for this letter is to share with you, mine, and my wife’s experience with you.

About one year ago, my wife and I decided to pursue our dream of moving here. We purchased 10 acre acres of land back in 1992 and felt now was time to make our move. We had subscribed to the local newspaper and had it mailed to us in Fort Lauderdale.

We began calling agents from their ads regarding properties they had for sale as we pondered the idea of selling out acreage and buying something already built. The real estate agents we spoke to understood our situation and we told upfront that we would not be doing anything for at least 6 months.

The real estate agents would fax us or mail us the info we requested but that was the last we heard from them, at least until we called you Star. I could tell you were young and a go-getter from our telephone conversations. Then, you did the unthinkable…. After faxing the info to us, you’d follow up with a phone call.

I must admit, we were really impressed with you not only for your phone calls, but you never rushed us, and seemed to understand that it would be some time until we actually purchased something. As time went on, you never called too often, but always stayed in touch and offered your services.

About 3 months later, we decided it was time to meet you and see some properties. You joyfully lined up several properties for us to see and on a Sunday to boot. After spending the afternoon with you, we realized it was going to be best for us to build on our own land. 

You helped us from the start to finish in securing a builder and getting a deal done. Now came the sweet part. Since we were moving out home here, we now needed a place for our business. Well, guess who was there for us? Yes, you were there, Star.

Because of simple little things like follow-up phone calls, Patience, and eagerness to help his customer, you received the commissions for our home at $365,000, and our building for our bookstore at $525,000.

Star, you were not the first agent we had talked to but you were the last. We were totally amazed at your professionalism, expertise, and kindness we were shown from such a young woman. Star, you will be our agent for as long as we need one, and that does not happen often in this industry. “

– Seller #2



“I’m a local real estate investor. I’ve been working with Star for several years. I can tell you that Star is the real deal, and I have had good experiences with her. I’ve bought and sold a lot of houses and thought I knew how to do it. 

I’ve had a good history of doing it. The problem was that the market changed and there were certain houses we just could not sell. Specifically, there was a house in the “boonies.” We had had it on the market for 8 months. 

We priced it below market. We weren’t getting viewings and we weren’t getting offers. Nothing was happening with it. Star had approached me for several months. Finally after enough pain, I decided to give Star a shot. 

We had 68 showings very quickly and a lot of offers. We ended up selling the house for the same price another agent hadn’t been able to sell it for. I don’t think we would have sold the house without Star.”

Seller #3



“My house was a short sale. This means that I owned more than the home was worth. The traditional real estate agent wasn’t able to help me. I’ve been a real estate agent, we tried other real estate agents, and it didn’t work

Having been an agent myself and invested in properties, I was very familiar with short sales and all the various ways of doing it. I got frustrated turning it over to some local real estate companies. I felt like I had to try and fill them in on the knowledge and process about short sales that they did not have.

It was Star’s experience with short sales that got my property sold. You are simply not going to get your short sale taken care of using the traditional real estate methods.

You need somebody like Star that really can combine all the angles and get the job done. I was an agent myself and had in the $400k price range that I couldn’t sell myself.

Then, because of personal issues, I turned it over to another Real Estate Company in town. They could not get anything done with it.

Having met Star a couple years before then, knowing that she knew all the things she knew about the real estate market, I decided to turn it over to her. She got it under contract very quickly.

It actually was Star’s buyer list that enabled her to sell it so fast. Star and her system got the home sold. It was a huge relief for us. This property had been a thorn in my side. Now that we have this property off of our backs, we can finally move on with our lives.”

-Seller #4


“I just wanted to thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find a home. Although our credit wasn’t where it needed to be to purchase our forever home, you made it happen for us to rent a beautiful home until our time to purchase arises. 

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to see us through this first stage. You are the STAR that continues to SHINE. Look forward to working with you in the very near future. “

-Buyer #1